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ConcreteByDesign - Murals A subtle amount of Wall texture paint attracts the eye.

Whether interior paint can be availed in a variety of shades and colours, to give any room a distinctively eye-catching look, you may need to add some wall texture paint to its feature or focal wall. Texturing a wall, owing to the evolution of paint feature, can be easily achieved using pre-textured paints or standard interior paint using unique application techniques and textured additives.

Wall Texture Paint, unlike flat paint, has a slightly rough and gritty look that adds character and a rustic appeal to walls, far better than wallpapers or any type of paint finish. Thus, you must trade-in the simple paint swatches for a focal wall featuring gorgeous textures for a captivating outcome. Textured focal walls can add shadow, depth, and structure to a bedroom in a beautiful and unique way.

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