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About Us

ConcreteByDesign - Murals Concrete By Design is all about concrete.

Concrete By Design motive is to educate homeowners, the contractors, the builders, and the designers about concrete techniques and flooring in India which are in trend in market. Like: Garage Flooring, Commercial Flooring, and Residential Flooring in Delhi India.

Concrete By Design has number of articles, photographs, and a comprehensive directory having details of concrete contractors and product suppliers which offers the most comprehensive and creative online resource for authoritative information about concrete construction and flooring in India. Company provides its customers many options of flooring India such as- decorative concrete, cleaning, repair and maintenance, general concrete construction, home building with concrete, green building with concrete, Acid Staining, Polished Concrete, Concrete Countertops, Stamped Concrete, and Vertical Overlays etc.

Concrete By Design is “the revolutionary surfacing solution of Decorative Concrete” As the transformation of utilitarian concrete, medium of construction into the decorative concrete is possible by the manufacturing unit of Concrete By Design. This is possible through the use of a number of materials.

Concrete By Design is based on timeless principles such as- providing great customer service to Friendly and helpful people, team focus for better results in key areas etc.

Concrete By Design strives to be the highest quality online resource of creative, accurate, independent, and balanced editorial content- all about concrete.


Vision of Concrete By Design is to transform all untreated concrete floors to super flat polished concrete floors, bring dust free environment in industries, factories, warehouses, homes, offices and retail outlets so that people breath fresh & dust free air whilst working or living. The unique system of polishing concrete is voc free and confirms to all norms set by India green building council, a led India organization.

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